Welcome to CloudSKUs.com

Hi, my name is Nathan Kitchen

I built this site to help people navigate the complex world of cloud computing, making it easy to find services, compare charging models, and review features.

Much of the service brochureware published by cloud vendors doesn't include meter information, and there's no site where you can go to perform cross-vendor searches for meters, for example to find equivalent meters and services in other cloud platforms.

It's also virtually impossible to find historic meter information, for instance pricing changes. CloudSKUs collates, enriches, and presents all this information online in a simple and accessible format. As the cloud market matures I believe this kind of enriched information will be increasingly valuable.

How does the site work?

The site uses cloud vendor API's to track and identify changes in cloud meters (sometimes known as SKUs). Meter data is standardised across cloud vendors, augmented with additional information, indexed for search, and presented online for public use.

I currently fund the site myself, though I hope that advertising revenue will eventually cover the operational costs.

The site is hosted in Azure and utilises a range of Azure platform-as-a-service technologies, but is not affiliated with Microsoft.

How could I use cloud SKU information?

Here are a couple of ways that you could use the site:

  1. To understand what service(s) you have been charged for in a cloud services bill.
  2. To benchmark features between cloud vendors with similar services.
  3. To find service upgrade/downgrade paths as part of a cost-optimisation exercise.
  4. To plan migration of applications and services to the cloud.
  5. To discover pricing and feature trends.
  6. To find documentation relating to a cloud service.

Can I integrate with your data?

I've not built an API, though I may do at some point in the future if I can figure out a way to pay for it. Currently you're welcome to link to the SKU pages from your own sites.

Please don't crawl/scrape the site to extract data (see also terms of use). You'll just suck the bandwidth and compute cost of the service and spoil it for other people - get in touch if you really need access to an enriched data source like CloudSKUs.

What happened to the old CloudSKUs.com site?

I'm not sure. This site isn't affiliated with the old site in any way, and I only realised that someone used to own the domain name when I stumbled across the Facebook page of the prior service.

Get in touch

Find me on LinkedIn. I'm also a Twitter lurker (@nathankitchen). I'd love to hear improvement suggestions and ideas for new features.

If you're having issues with any part of the site I'd like to know about bugs too!