Privacy policy

At we take your privacy seriously, and are committed to being open and transparent about the way your personal data is managed.

This website does not have a login or account facility, and we therefore request no personal information to navigate and interact with our services.

In order to cover the costs of running and developing the service we show ads on some pages. You can find out more information and manage your ad preferences here:

Analytics data is anonymised and retained for a maximum of 2 years, though aggregated data may be persisted for longer (e.g. total users per month in a graph).

Currently CloudSKUs is a hobby site managed by one person, though I would love to find investment to grow and expand the services available. Aggregagted and anonymised analytics data may be shared with third-parties to demonstrate the utilisation of services, but this will not include personal information.

Any contact via social or email platforms will result in any personal data you provide in messages being retained according to the duration and terms of those platforms and services.


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