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Meters for cloud services from major vendors are downloaded daily, standardised, and added to a massive search index. Whether you want to find and compare cloud services, vendors, charging models, or simply understand your cloud bill, CloudSKUs provides up-to-date data and tools to make the right decisions for your organisation.

Can you map each person's use-case to the CloudSKUs feature that they need?

Use case

  • I need to find out what this service on my bill is for!
  • Where should I run my cloud-agnostic app?
  • Which vendors offer databases in my country?
  • How can I stay up-to-date with the latest cloud services?
  • What are the pricing trends for compute resources?


  • Standardised geography and country mappings
  • Complete pricing information for each meter (RRP)
  • Use tag filters to find services by technology type!
  • Searchable meter SKUs to get details of any cloud service
  • Find the latest data in the API change watcher

System status

We're transparent about how up-to-date our data is. Check when our daily jobs last ran, and be confident you're seeing the latest data.

Source Last import Meters
Amazon AWS 28/05/2019 09:17 0 (+172994, -0, ~0)
Google Cloud Platform 28/05/2019 09:17 13773 (+13773, -0, ~0)
Microsoft Azure 28/05/2019 09:17 35863 (+35863, -0, ~0)

For more information including latest change dates, category and region counts, check out the full system status.

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